About me

Victoria Pounce, Translator

French | Spanish | Catalan   English

Having lived in France and Spain (Barcelona) for 24 years, I am fully aware of the challenges of communicating effectively and taking into account the nuances inherent in different languages and cultures.

Born in the UK, my mother tongue is English.

I began my career in 2000 as a Tourism Consultant specialised in marketing and sustainable tourism, working on multilingual international projects for tourism destinations, institutions and companies.

On the strength of these experiences, since 2008, I have focused my expertise on translation and now support individuals, businesses and organisations with their translation and communication projects, helping them maximise their impact and reach in English.

20 years in England
Country of birth
Studies and Project Coordinator

- Born near Birmingham

- Degree from Bristol University in Modern Languages
(French and Spanish)

- Project Coordinator for international marketing projects in London
(projects for IBM, AT&T, etc.)

+ 12 years in France
Current country of residence
From consultant to translator

- I began my career in Montpellier as a consultant in tourism and sustainable tourism

- Main projects carried out:

  • World Tourism Organisation
    (ecotourism market study)
  • European Commission:
    (publication on protected areas)
  • Hérault Local Tourist Board (Montpellier):
    (study to improve the coastal destination)
  • Conservation du littoral: 
    (study to develop a local heritage visitor centre)

- Freelance translator since 2008, based in Charente- Maritime since 2015

+ 12 years in Spain
in Barcelona and Sitges
Consultant and translator

- Main consulting projects
carried out:

  • European Economic and Social Committee - EESC
    (strategic social media analysis)
  • MHI Turismo
    (White Paper for the Spanish Caravanning Sector)
  • MAZARS Turismo
    (project for the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism)
  • World Bank
    (co-ordination of an olive oil project in the West Bank)
  • Fira de Barcelona
    (project to enhance the tourism fair)
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB
    (part-time lecturer on sustainable tourism)

- Freelance translation projects for institutions, organisations, companies... 


In parallel to my activity as a translator, I collaborate with the award-winning Austrian company Ringana, because of their philosophy, integrity and ethical approach to business and taking care of the planet.

Ringana offers skin care products and raw food supplements. Products are 100% fresh without any synthetic, artificial substances or toxins.

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